May 19, 2020—
“United Nations in Muir Woods 75th Anniversary“

Muir Woods 75th Anniversary
Check out this short video series about the first ever conference of the United Nations!

Seventy-five years ago, in 1945, the first ever conference of the United Nations Association took place in San Francisco, California. On May 19th the delegates traveled to Muir Woods for a ceremony to honor the recently deceased President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

This short video is the second of three to honor three dates:
– April 25th, delegates begin arriving
– May 19th, delegates meet at Muir Woods
– June 26th, the signing of the United Nations Charter

As the COVID-19 pandemic currently necessitates shelter-in-place, the local chapter of the United Nations Association, in partnership with neighboring UNA chapters and the National Parks Service, is creating this video series in place of the traditional visit to Muir Woods.

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