UNA★USA San Fernando Valley Tribute to Marsha Hunt

San Fernando Valley Chapter is honored to recognize Marsha Hunt as a longstanding leader for Human Rights that embodies the ideals of the United Nations. Upon her passing on September 7th, we honor her legacy of service and passion for peace in the world. She embodies the spirit of Human Rights advocacy at its’ core. We salute our HERO Marsha Virginia Hunt.
Between 1935 and 1952, Marsha acted in 55 films, two Broadway shows and was a popular actress in the early days of radio and television. She started her acting career as a leading lady in all of these mediums. 

Then came her brush with the blacklist. What many people don’t know about Marsha is that she has been an activist and “planet patriot” for over 65 years. She was one of the first in Hollywood to use her “celebrity” to raise awareness for causes that needed support such as world hunger and the work of the United Nations. Marsha was a busy actress at Paramount and MGM before she was unfairly blacklisted. Her life’s journey led her to being an activist to aid refugees worldwide and aid those in the plight of abject poverty. In 1955, she made a trip around the world that opened her eyes to extreme poverty in countries like Egypt and India. It affected her such that when she came home, she joined her local San Fernando Valley United Nations Assn. Chapter and, also, founded the Los Angeles Chapter. Marsha gave over 25 years of service to UNA, locally and nationally as a board member. In 1960 Marsha’s efforts to gather famous stars including Paul Newman, Bing Crosby, Joanne Woodward, Harry Belafonte, David Niven and Jean Simmons for the TV documentary “A Call From the Stars” raised awareness for the plight of refugees that numbered 15 million still, 15 years after World War II. Marsha made sure America and the World would listen. Our chapter pays tribute to Marsha Hunt for her decades of advocacy and look forward to the challenges in the future as we strive in Marsha’s name for a better world for all.

Variety magazine published an excellent farewell to Marsha here.