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Leith Eaton


Leith Eaton has been labeled “The Queen of Green” originally by SLS Advertising Company, to represent their clients involved in The Green Movement, because she is a Pioneer in the Green and Holistic Movement. Growing up running barefoot and exploring in the woods and natural terrain, Leith developed a love for nature’s gifts. As a teenager, Leith read a book called One Acre and Success and began composting, recycling and became very interested in Solar and other sources of free energy and pure water. Today, she has helped many charities involving Green and Healing movements.

Leith opened a company in the 80’s that specialized in approaching health from the mind, body, spirit and environment. She became the leading expert in The Arts and Healing field and has done installations at places such as Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California and Healing Gardens. She started The Arts and Healthcare program that is still ongoing at Eisenhower Medical Center, where she served on the Auxiliary Board for over a decade that houses the Annenburg Center, Betty Ford Center, Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center and The Blood Bank.

Leith is one of the foremost Arts, Healing & ECO-ART Consultants. In addition to her consulting work, she has also done sculptures that are geared at offsetting electro-magnetic pollution and paintings and other installations and works that are conducive to healing. As a part of the 4Navitas, Green Energy Solutions Executive Team, Leith promotes their revolutionary new wind turbine technology around the world and was honored to be one of the Recipients of the 2017 Global Green’s most prestigious honor; the “Planet Award” given to 4Navitas. Leith is a true Renaissance Woman with the focus on her Global Healing Efforts and Green and Alternate Energy through 4Navitas and a host of other Technologies. Leith Eaton has an extraordinary business relationship with Global Green having a powerful footprint spanning the globe. Over the past 20 years, Global Green has earned such a stellar reputation, that its traditional and new edge multimedia (News stations, Columnists, Magazines, Reporters, Television, Internet Broadcasting) has over 2 billion media impressions promoting Global Green’s notable projects and awards involvements.

ongoing series focuses on issues on the global, societal, and individual level, and shows how even the smallest of efforts can bring about the greatest of changes. Peace for Profit is not anti-anything, it is simply pro peace, and exemplifies the truth that peace, freedom, and justice cannot be achieved without the resolution of conflicts and the realization that we are all one, and that we share the same basic human hopes, needs, and desires in the name of global peace and harmony. For Promo on Peace for Profit Film, Go To: YouTube.com Then search: Peace for Profit: Israel-Palestine – Featuring Larry King and Dame Leith Eaton


Starting at age 12, Dame Leith worked closely with her Father, who was Magistrate at the time, in his law office, developed her acumen in the business world. At seventeen, she was asked to become an officer in a land development company, which enabled her to sell real estate as a minor. She made her first fortune at 17 when she started selling real estate and opened her own real estate companies with branches in Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Later, she was offered a position as Director of Sales and Marketing for top commercial and residential companies in America, Arvida Realty Corporation, a Subsidiary of The Disney Company that was amongst the largest commercial Real Estate companies. It was later bought out by JMB Realty Corporation in Chicago. Dame Leith set records for highest, “Off the Charts” sales for Arvida Realty Corporation Nationwide. She became known as the Realtor for Royalty/VIP’s and an expert being featured on National television shows such as PM Magazine and many publications.

Dame Leith, for over a decade served on the Auxiliary Board of Eisenhower Medical Center which houses the Betty Ford Center, The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center and The Blood Bank and as a pioneer in The Arts in Healing movement. Leith Eaton also developed The Arts and Healthcare Program for the Public Schools System that was requested by the Mark Eppinger, CEO of the Annenberg Center. Leith entered into a joint venture with the Annenberg Center for a Billion Dollar Matching Funds Grant for ongoing work of art to be implemented in schools, universities and public facilities all over the United States and also the world.

Among many, Dame Leith served on The American Institute of Fine Arts board also. Dame Leith has become a founding and leading authority in The Arts and Health field. Recently, Dame Leith was asked to join the Board of the Global Summit on Women Empowerment. She is also the Co-Founder of The Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts representing the original definition of art, before it was changed “that which promotes beauty, harmony and grace”.

Over the course of a lifetime of invaluable contacts throughout the world that includes Billionaires, Fortune 100 Executives, Diplomats, Hollywood Elite and Royalty. Dame Leith has become the Rainmaker for many of the Rich, Famous, Royals, Executives and VIP’s and she is sought after world-wide with many opportunities and requests. In addition, in 1988 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dame Leith’s desire to help mankind caused her to open an Alternative Health facility, called Metaphysical Counseling Services, Inc. that worked in many different modalities to heal the mind, body and spirit utilizing healing principles that are God given in a nonreligious way. In the early 2,000’s Dame Leith also had her own television show for several years on Charter Communications that became Time Warner called Leith Eaton Atelier. Dame Leith was co-founder of the Westside Social Guild with Kathy Johnson and later formed her own company in 2002 as Founder and CEO of the International Arts Association (IAA) an Internet Technology Company that promotes all areas of The Arts and
The Artists.

A few events that Founder, Leith Eaton and/or IAA have been involved with:

• Luncheons at Spago in Beverly Hills featuring Barbara Fairchild, the former Editor in Chief of Bon Appétit Magazine.
• Author of Stars Styles and lecture with Patty Fox Leading Jewelry and Fashion Designer and showings with the
Pulitzer-Speer Collection and other recent showings at the Four Seasons and Beverly Hilton Hotels
• Private Tours at The Getty Museum and luncheons
• Art Lectures regarding Scintillism, a new School of Art
• Private Tour of the Huntington Library and Gardens
• Art Collecting lectures with Barbara Guggenheim
• Female lead in Come Blow Your Horn and Guys and Dolls and Principal Dancer and Performer in June Taylor’s
Chorus Line and Gypsy for The Atlantic Foundation of the Performing Arts
• Television Producer and Host of “Leith Eaton Atelier” on Time Warner
• Private gatherings at Christie’s Auction House
• Producing “Peace for Profit” with Larry King
• Author of “Journey to the Fountain of You” a guide to a more Positive, Powerful and Productive life
• Events at Louis Vuitton and Louis Vuitton Series II private Tour
• Private Tours of the Academy of Motion Picture Costume Council Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum
• Many Private Screenings, Concerts and Art Showings
• Dinner with The Artists and Art Show with Performances
• Book Signing and Fashion Show with Rolls Royce, Harry Winston Jewelers and St. John Boutique
• Joint event with the World Federation of Nations Foundation and Sharon Stones, Planet Hope, Art Show and Stevie
Wonder Performance sponsored by Lexus
• Renaissance International Awards honoring Kirk Douglas
• Event honoring 3-time Academy Award Winner, Ray Evans
• Recent talk by Leith Eaton at The Women in White Peace Luncheon
• Board Member of Foundation for Women Empowerment.

Having had many events with sponsors such as Luis Vuitton, Harry Winston Jewelers, Rolls Royce, and Christies Auction House – IAA connects Concerts, Film, Performances, Book Signings, Readings, Screenings, Theatrical, Comedy, Lectures, Classes, Training, Ballets, Tours, Dance Recitals, Open Mics, Contests, Awards Ceremonies, Auditions, Premieres, Album Releases, Art Shows, Charitable Gala’s, Balls, Dancing, Salons Dinners, Lunches, Breakfasts, Technology Events, Sports Events, Equestrian Events, Competitions, Food/Wine Tastings, Private VIP, Music Production revenue, Film Production revenue, Television Production Revenue, Publishing, Royalties, Screenwriting, Productions Services, Production Crews, Computer Art, Computer Services, Website Development, Website Maintenance and Social Networking. We are including IAA Consult, a complimentary consultation with leading people in all different areas of The Arts and in service to The Arts.

The IAA will allow select advertising from members for their goods and services, and a limited amount of pass through advertising for companies who we deem “in alignment” with The Arts. For example, Luis Vuitton, a longtime friend and mutual supporter of the IAA, offers goods we feel will benefit The Arts and are art themselves. They may choose to showcase some of their pieces on the IAA site. The IAA is already taking on companies (4Navitas Green Energy Solutions),  organizations (Global Green), and other business relationships to represent them and support them in growing their presence and has contracts to be compensated for this work. Sponsors are also brought onboard to provide for upfront costs and deposits for the IAA functions we’re committed to producing and would be a tremendous benefit. The International Arts Association is presently preparing for the global launch in the IT realm as the “Go To” place for all areas of The Arts and The Artists including promotions, talent, venues, services, products and 24/7 consulting Worldwide. Leith’s business acumen, as a foundation, will help to serve the IAA Global IT Business communities very well.

Leith Eaton founded the World Federation of Nations Foundation (WFNF) with the mission promoting world peace and global enlightenment through the use of Education and The Arts. The World Federation of Nations Foundation was established on December 30th, 1998, in Los Angeles, California and became a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation in 2002. This Mission is advanced by using these two mediums to promote understanding amongst all nations and cultures, their people, their government, business and industry leaders on how sustainable Profit in a global economy can lead to lasting worldwide Peace while allowing all people of the globe to live a much better quality lifestyle and provide a much safer environment in which to live, work and play.

As a Non-Profit Corporation, the basic operating policy of the Foundation is to fund Programs to promote the Mission of the World Federation which is to make positive change through Education and The Arts. It must start at the very top with re-education in economics and adjustments needed in business style, administrative functions and leadership based upon this new Era of Globalization of business and industry. The education must be precise in re-educating and providing new solutions for business and industry in this ever-changing world of globalization. Along with global economics, our education must as well re-educate and provide new solutions in working with various cultures, creeds, language barriers and business styles. It must involve first the government leaders, business leaders and highly influential people; then lead to re-education of those leaders in upper level and mid management.

The Vision and coordination for the Programs is the responsibility of the World Federation, but operation of the Programs is procured from outside sources equipped with innovative, efficient and experienced leadership and operating procedures. The World Federation maintains a small and experienced staff to coordinate and oversee the administration of the Foundation and to ensure the vision and administration of the Programs are being accomplished in accordance with donor, grant provider, endowment and corporate sponsorship criteria. The aforementioned funding sources are used to start programs with the intent that most of the programs become self-sustaining after they are in operation.

By teaching the leaders and the influential, and by introducing new opportunity and networking the globe, together we can create new jobs and more stabilized local economics and an overall global economy. With a more stable global economy and with business and government becoming more and more dependent on each other through trade, global investments and financing, the World Federation’s Goals are to lead the world to a more fruitful, safer environment and healthier place for all to live, work and play. It will take generations to realize the major impact sought after around the globe but must start with action today. The World Federation sets forth the solid platform that can be capitalized on and carried out for many generations to come. Go to: http://leitheaton.wixsite.com/wfnf

To that end, the IAA has hosted a multitude of events with major sponsors such as Louis Vuitton, Rolls Royce, Christie’s, Harry Winston Jewelry, Saint John Boutiques, The Getty Museum, Lexus-Planet Hope-World Federation of Nations Foundation with Stevie Wonder, The Huntington Library and many others. In addition, the IAA has sponsored 1-2 major events a year and many other smaller soirees as a way to connect the people within The Arts. Having had many events with sponsors such as Luis Vuitton, Harry Winston Jewelers, Rolls Royce, and Christies Auction House.

The International Arts Association is presently preparing for the global launch in the IT realm as the “Go To” place for all areas of The Arts and The Artists including promotions, talent, venues, services, products and 24/7 consulting Worldwide. Go to: www.internationalartsassociation.com.

Ambassador of Peace

Ambassador Dame Leith Scott Thomas Eaton was given the position and title by the Knights of Malta for her many accomplishments within The Arts and her Philanthropic endeavors. Lady Leith Eaton is also a Diplomatic Correspondent for the Sovereign

Country of Malta and their National Secretary with bases in New York and Los Angeles. Today, Dame Leith spends her time with family, charities, painting, designing and promoting The Arts, Global Healing through Green Energy Alternate Technology and World Peace, through events, lecturing and sharing her insights into helping people have a more vibrantly healthy, positive, powerful and more productive life. Ambassador Dame Leith’s desire is to promote the original definition of art, healing and world peace and global enlightenment. She believes that we are all as one and that; “If you can perceive it and believe it, you can achieve it!” She wants to help everyone know that anything is possible if you believe.

Leith is currently involved in a massive project that represents everything she has deeply cared about and accelerated with throughout the course of her entire life. She is able to incorporate literally everything into this very special project that not only represents the very fiber of her being regarding cause and purpose but is destined to be her legacy that will surely be marveled, studied and duplicated for and by many generations around the world. Stay tuned….

Dame Leith Eaton is also Global Ambassador for these extraordinary organizations:
Green Cross International (gci.ch)
Global Green (globalgreen.org)
EarthX (Earthx.org)

The United Nations General Assembly Address was held on Monday, September 24th, 2018. Leith’s name, projects and philosophies were included and entailed:

Book: “Journey to the Fountain of You”
A 21st Century Guide to a more positive, powerful and productive life that includes, health and wellness, environment,
peace and taking right action.

Film: “Peace for Profit” with Larry King
Exploring prosperity that is being wasted in areas of The World because of hatred and conflict and helping to point out to
individuals, groups and governments that through a peaceful resolution everyone would Profit on personal, social, business
and governmental levels.

Setting New Criteria: “Eco-Arts Certification”
Establishing a new set of criteria and standards that promotes the highest and best use Ecologically, Heath & Wellness and
Aesthetically impact on individuals, groups, businesses and governments.