San Fernando Valley UNA Partners with UN Women, LA Chapter

San Fernando Valley UNA- USA Partners

with UNWomen USNC, LA Chapter

UNA-USA SFV, Board members ;Ginny Hatfield and Thanh Le, UNWomen LA Summit, June 22nd, 2019, Santa Monica

Belonging and Displacement: Uniting Heads, Hearts & Hands was the topic of the 2019 annual assembly adopted by UNWomen USNC, LA Chapter.

UNA-USA SFV was one of many community partners that helped sponsor the event and shared information relating to the work undertaken by our members to educate the public about the Sustainable Development Goals.

In excess of 250 persons attended the daylong event at the Santa Monica Woman’s Club, which consisted of networking, plenary sessions and a panel discussion.

Dr. Soraya Fallah, one of our UNA chapter’s board member, was part of the panel along with Alisa Orduña, Senior Advisor on Homelessness for the City of Santa Monica, Set Hernandez Rongkilyo, an undocumented immigrant filmmaker and community organizer, Cynthia Buiza is the Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) , and  Chanel Smith Director, DV Policy and Vulnerable Populations to the LA Mayor’s Office of Public Safety.

It was an exciting and informative day and filled with energy that was palpable. Young women and some men eager to learn what they could do to make the world a more just and better place for all.

UNWomen USNC La Chapter, Panel Discussion, June 22, 2019 Santa Monica

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