June 21, 2022— “2022 UNA-USA Leadership Summit”

United Nations Association
of Pomona Valley

The 2022 UNA-USA Leadership Summit
and the Potential for the Pomona Valley Chapter

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 7PM

For Zoom Information, Contact Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo, President,
UNA of Pomona Valley at kebokild@pitzer.edu.

"Global Issues Programs" are free and open to the public.

Daniel Silverman is a member of our Pomona Valley UNA chapter and represented us at the Leadership Summit. He graduated from Pomona College in 2019 with a degree in international relations. He currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works as a Program Assistant for a non-profit organization called “American Councils for International Education,” which coordinates with the U.S. State Department in inviting teachers from China, Egypt, Morocco, and Taiwan to teach Mandarin Chinese and Modern Standard Arabic in different schools around the United States.

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