UNA★USA San Fernando Valley Tribute to Lyn Harris Hicks

San Fernando Valley Chapter is honored to recognize Lyn Harris Hicks for her unwavering and consistent leadership in the United Nations Association. She participated in every aspect and position from Chapter President to Division Advocacy Mentor. Upon her passing on September 2nd, we honor her longstanding legacy of service; her passion for peace; and her committed advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals. As a longstanding leader, Lyn embodies the spirit of Human Rights advocacy at its core. We salute our HERO Lyn Harris-Hicks.
Born February 23rd 1928, Lyn was just a teenager when she joined her mother at the 1st UN meeting in San Francisco for its official founding where her mother served as America’s 1st female delegate. It was a day that fueled in her a passion of support and advocacy for all causes UN. For more than 80 years Lyn has been active in the United Nations Association supporting more advocacy campaigns than we can list and mentoring more people than we can count. She was a focal point for advocacy, service and leadership. When you think of the word “ADVOCACY” in our Chapter, in CA or nationally, the name Lyn Harris-Hicks comes to mind. Even at National UNA conventions where she could not attend in person, she was there by conference call and in constant communication with our leaders. She campaigned for clean, safe, sustainable energy sources and in 2003 she was instrumental in getting the State of CA to adopt a plan. Her decades of advocacy knew no bounds and her commitment to the ratification of the Convention on Rights of the Child; the Adopt-A-Minefield Program and HERO Campaign for Africa of Poverty & Hunger are just a few of the many causes she embraced and helped to further. In honor of decades of exemplary service, the Chapter pays tribute to Lyn Harris-Hicks’ achievements and looks forward to the challenges we face as we strive to emulate Lyn’s example to make the world a better place for all.