Crime and terrorism thriving again in Afghanistan amid economic ruin, warns Kőrösi

Two-thirds of Afghans are going hungry, with girls’ education subject to “random edicts” of the Taliban, while crime and terrorism are thriving once more buoyed by a large spike in opium production, warned the President of the UN General Assembly on Thursday.

Terrorism intensifying across Africa, exploiting instability and conflict 

The growth of terrorism is a major threat to international peace and security, currently felt most keenly in Africa, the deputy UN chief told the Security Council on Thursday.  

‘Our futures are being stolen!’ Youth activists tell COP27 negotiators it’s past time to tackle ‘loss and damage’

Armed with t-shirts, banners, picket signs, megaphones, and especially with heart-wrenching testimonies backed by scientific and financial facts, the youth took over the halls of COP27 on Thursday to demand negotiators to address the issue of loss and damage.