About Millennium Development Goals

Goal 1: Poverty & Hunger
Goal 2: Universal Primary Education
Goal 3: Gender Equity
Goal 4: Child Health & Survival
Goal 5: Maternal Health
Goal 6: Infectious Disease
Goal 7: Environmental Sustainability
Goal 8: Partnership for Development

UNA-USA: Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), adopted by all UN member states in 2000, are a set of clearly-defined, measurable and broadly-endorsed development objectives that are the focus of an unprecedented global effort to alleviate poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation. International organizations, governments, and private sector groups have all coordinated their development work around the MDGs. The resulting increased cooperation is expected to produce significant development gains, however, the Secretary-General has said that a major push will be needed by developed and developing countries if they are to fulfill their commitments to achieve the MDGs by 2015. This is the impetus behind an effort to implement the MDGs that will be intertwined with the UN reform process in 2005 and will include the release of reports by the UN's Millennium Project in January and the Secretary- General in March and culminate in a five-year review conference at the heads of state summit in September.


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